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Two Old Friends - Mac McHale & Emery Hutchins

Emery, a hearty thank you to you and Jim for a great concert.  The best testimony is that the folks hope that you return for another show.

Claire Nelson

Holden Senior Center

Holden, Massachusetts

Emery, I wanted to let you know how thoroughly enjoyed the TWO OLD FRIENDS concert was at the YORK ART ASSOCIATION was last month. 

You and Jim delivered with such heart and skill, not to mension humor.  Your love for the genre is infetious, and TWO OLD FRIENDS shines among our local treasures...

Tori Rasche

York Art Assiciation

York, Maine

TWO OLD FRIENDS is a great band, Their program is always one of my favorite evenings of the year. ... It's full of sing-alongs, great stories, and lots of fun.

Tricia Ryden

Assistant Director

Wiggin Memorial Library

Stratham, NH

"WOW! Thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment and fun. I think I speak for all those
present in expressing our gratitude for your program.
A night of foot stomping, hand clapping and singing along with humor
and some subtle education on music and instruments -- what more could we ask for?"

Bonnie D. Mendes, Library Director
Somerset MA Public Library Logo

"I'd like to thank you for putting on such a fantastic performance."
You were both able to bring out that musical soul that is in each and every one of us.
I have never seen an audience so entranced as they were that evening."

Jackie McDougal, Director
Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library

"If you get a chance to see them, take it, you will not regret it."

Rhode Island Prime Time Magazine

Two Old Friends: "Portsmouth" From Celtic Beat Magazine

"......lots of energy confidence and life......."
Part of the beauty of this CD is that it is unassuming. No dramatics but what can be brought  foreward by two most capable musicians with the naturalness of a good seisiun. The feel of a long time ago which you see on the CD cover is matched consistently with the music within.
           Two Old Friends from the time Emery Hutchins and Alan Mac McHale began this musical journey
           many years ago.This CD is dedicated to Mac,And he would be very proud at the way Portsmouth has
           continued the story of Two Old Friends.  AK

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